PD: Head Start Staff Training & Resources July 27, 2020 Release

Professional Development Staff Training and Resources –July 27, 2020


Audience: Education
Justice from the Streets to the Early Childhood Classroom

Presenters: Theressa Lenear, M.A., Ijumaa Jordan, M.A. and Julie Bisson, M.A.

Time/Date: Anytime

Content: This paradigm-shifting webinar is a call to action for early educators. The presenters, all early childhood anti-bias educators and advocates, will help you examine the importance of having a critical analysis of racism and learn how to provide vital leadership that supports black and indigenous Families and children of color. Together, we will reflect on recent events related to injustice and the rally cry for change, and early childhood educators’ role in creating social change. The webinar will focus on strategies that will help you facilitate children’s awareness of human similarities, differences, and worth based on their observations of what is happening around them.

  • Learn about children’s development of racial identity and the intersectionality of their identities.
  • Examine children’s development of attitudes toward themselves and others.
  • Explore the importance of having critical conversations about police brutality.
  • Understand the essential responsibility we have to develop and implement a plan of action in our programs.


Audience: Infant & Toddler Education

Title: Bilingualism in Infancy and Toddlerhood: Behaviors, Strengths, and Pathways

Presenter: Dr. Ryan W. Pontier

Content: Dr. Pontier gives an overview of bilingualism in infancy and toddlerhood, providing a broad understanding of what bilingualism is and various ways to support young children’s bilingual development.

Intended Audience: Home School Educators
Getting Started with Mindfulness in the Early Childhood Workplace Part I- An Introduction to Mindfulness in the Early Childhood Environment

Time/Date: Anytime

Home visiting is relationship-based work. There are few right answers in home visiting, and relationships can ebb and flow. Reflection, "stepping back from the immediate experience to sort through thoughts and feelings about what one is observing and doing with children and families’ is a crucial practice for home visitors. It helps you understand what you see, how you plan with families, and how you take care of yourself and the important relationships you build in your work during the course of home visits.

Intended Audience: Parent, Family & Community Engagement
Fostering Resilience in Families Coping with Depression – Resource

Date/Time: Anytime

Content: To recognize and identify strengths and resilience is crucial to the daily work of early childhood professionals. Head Start and child care staff can recognize and foster resilience at four levels. Explore this resource to learn about the four levels of resilience and how to apply them in your work.



Intended Audience: Health and Nutrition
Title: Cool Cooking for Kids – Resource

Date/Time: Anytime

Content: Teachers often avoid cooking with young children because of the danger associated with hot appliances. But you can cook a wide variety of snacks and meals without using heat. We’ve included a few “cool” recipes in this article along with a list of benefits cooking offers to young children. So roll up your sleeves and get cooking!

Intended Audience: Administrative
The Way We Work is Changing, Are You? Webinar for Administrative Professionals

Presenter: Leni Miller, President of EA

Date/Time: Anytime

Content:  Remote Work Creating Increased Value and Growth Potential for EAs.

With so many changes since the pandemic started and more assistants working from home or being furloughed, there is a lot of fear about the administrative role disappearing or the value of an assistant being diminished.

That is not how the thought leaders in the administrative industry see it. Joan Burge, the pioneer of the administrative training industry, and her colleagues around the world, see this as a prime opportunity for proving your worth and showing you can be an executive business partner.

In this thoughtful webinar, Leni Miller, President of EASearch (located in California), is going to give you the “magic bullet” for increased value and growth in the administrative role. Leni will touch on practices to provide great virtual assistance

Intended Audience: Planning, Technology

Title: Facilitating Meaningful Online Experiences with Young Children: Unexpected Challenges and Joyful Opportunities in Action.

Presenter: Jacky Howell, M.A

Date/Time: Anytime

Content: Join this timely webinar to learn how to create engaging, meaningful, and developmentally appropriate routines, rituals, traditions with children online during these challenging times.

As early childhood educators, our personal interactions with children have always been rooted in the physical classroom with real objects and close proximity. Now, due to COVID-19, we are scrambling to find ways to stay connected and continue to care for and educate the children in our programs. We find ourselves using online meeting systems to offer “classroom-like” experiences. But are they really meaningful? Do they proximate the hands-on, interactive, developmentally appropriate and meaningful experiences we strive to offer?

Link for access: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/414443722037687309

SLIDES: https://www.earlychildhoodwebinars.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Slides-3-per-page_Facilitating-Meaningful-Online-Experiences-With-Young-Children_04_29_2020-1.pdf

Intended Audience: Leadership & Coaching
Title: Mindful Emotion Regulation Strategies for Early Educators and the Children with Whom They Work.

Presenter: Troy Bryer, Mindology Coach

Date/Time: Anytime

Content: Every day, and especially during these very challenging times, it is important to organic ways to keep stress levels low. Stress inarguably challenges immune systems and a challenged immune system leaves adults and children susceptible to myriad physical and mental challenges. The access to organically managing stress is to understand and use the power our minds have over our bodies. In the same way, we take out bodies to the gym for physical strength, Mind Care & Emotion Regulation Expert, Coach Troy Byer has created exercises designed to strengthen neuro-muscles by creating a workout program for the mind. And, it is scientifically proven, when we work out our neuro- muscles, we simultaneously create neurotransmitters that intercept the neurotransmitters caused by stress, such as cortisol.

This energizing and evidence-based webinar is designed specifically to provide the tools and tips parents, teachers and children can use in order to self-soothe and regulate their emotions – especially when confronted with stressors, threats or challenges. Troy will help you learn exercises focused on self-soothing and emotion regulation techniques that address confusion, anger, anxiety, depression and help children regulate their behavior. You will complete the webinar with a toolbox of organic, quick, effective and fun techniques, leaving them at the source of their solace and peace of mind – no matter what.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to use Emotion Regulation Finger Holds and how and why they work so fast and so well.
  • How to distinguish emotional triggers and how to deactivate a trigger before it is expressed negatively.
  • The importance of maintaining a state of peace and right brain/left brain coherence and how to organically regulate the experience

Link for access: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/7242565961976827916

SLIDES: https://www.earlychildhoodwebinars.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Slides-3-per-page_Mindful-Emotion-Regulation-Strategies-for-Early-Educators-and-the-Children-With-Whom-They-Work_06_17_2020-1.pdf