PD Head Start Staff Training and Resources June 15, 2020 Release

Professional Development Staff Training and Resources – Week of June 15, 2020

Intended Audience: ALL HEAD START STAFF
Title: NAEYC Virtual Institute
Date/Time: Begins June 1, 2020 – July 17,2020
Content: Six weeks of newly recorded presentations to support your professional development. The Virtual Institute is open to anyone who is interested in some of the latest research and best practices in early childhood education.

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Link for Access / Registration: https://www.naeyc.org/virtual-institute

Intended Audience: Education

Title: The Joys and Challenges of Managing Nature-Based Programs by Rachel Larimore, M.A.
Date/Time: Anytime



Content: Welcome to Early Childhood Investigations, a webinar series produced by Engagement Strategies, LLC. This session is sponsored by Nature Explore. “Get children outside more!” It seems a common phrase lately with a growing awareness for benefits of experiences with nature. Yet, the reality is it’s easier said than done. Yes, there are many benefits to children and teachers alike by integrating nature into the preschool curriculum. There are also opportunities for integrating nature in even more frequent and meaningful ways. For example, providing daily experiences in natural areas beyond the fenced play area. Yet there are also many administrative challenges when implementing a nature- based approach. Sometimes, for example, teachers don’t like the idea of being outside in the cold. Sometimes children don’t arrive with appropriate clothing. And sometimes parents don’t understand why the children are “just playing in the woods.” This webinar will help early childhood administrators identify the principles fundamental to a nature-based approach and the benefits of such an approach. Then, using a continuum of nature-based early childhood education as the overarching framework, Rachel will address the unique challenges of integrating nature into the preschool classroom.

Link for Access / Registration: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/4398366869698122755

Intended Audience: Home School
Title: Bottled Up Energy – Games That Let It Go
Time/Date: Anytime

Content: Young children have lots of energy. There are several simple activities that you can do within your home to help your child release some of that energy, have fun, and develop their gross motor and thinking skills.

Spanish: https://files.constantcontact.com/1eccf499301/ddfbe861-75fa-4f30-9a0a-4b3edf851530.pdf

Intended Audience: Home School
Title: Professional Development for Home Visitors
Time/Date: Anytime
Content: In this webinar, find out what makes home visitors most effective in delivering Head Start home-based services. Learn the key skills that can help to promote success for families enrolled in the program. Explore tools and strategies to assess and improve the skills you already have, and learn about those you can develop.

Link for access:

Intended Audience: Parent, Family & Community Engagement
Engaging Fathers
Time/Date: Anytime

Content: Explore the strategies that Early Education Services in Brattleboro, VT uses to engage fathers in their children's learning and development. In this Head Start and Early Head Start program, dedicated fathers learn from one another and make connections. They also learn to build a community that helps them fulfill their role as one of the most important people in their children's lives.

Link for registration access: https://eclkc.ohs.acf.hhs.gov/video/engaging-fathers

Intended Audience: Health & Nutrition

Title: Embedding Health and Safety in Your Program’s Culture

Date/Time: Anytime

Content: Throughout the Safe Foundations, Healthy Futures Campaign, the Head Start community has focused on ways to provide a safe, loving environment for every child every day. In this final webinar, learn how to create a culture of shared responsibility for children's well-being in programs. Hear from local program leaders about training approaches to help ensure health and safety practices are routine instead of burdensome.
Link for access: https://eclkc.ohs.acf.hhs.gov/video/embedding-health-safety-your-programs-culture

Intended Audience: Administrative
Title: Integrating Office with OneDrive
Date/Time: Anytime

Content: OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage system for Office. Join technology trainer Marie Harris as she walks you through how to maximize OneDrive’s integrations so you can get organized and work smarter.

Link for access: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyS1aAea5AU&feature=youtu.be&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWWpkbVlURmxOREkyWWpZMCIsInQiOiIwRUZaOEtnWHcwZ2ZGeFpkbXl0NVpoZllOM3NOdHo5bmh2S2tVWDlqN3ZyZlBsVllNM0JtTEIrbFdYeXRVSTdRWEVIeUNTN1FVTWdpbzljc3F6MHZwQzY0cHJNam1uNzVxcDVid1wvc3BIcGJLdW1zR1Jra2ZwampWU2RaYnF3U1cifQ%3D%3D

Intended Audience: ERSEA, Intake & Technology
ERSEA: Strategies during a Pandemic
Date/Time: Anytime

Content: Extended closures due to a pandemic can require programs to rethink their eligibility, recruitment, selection, enrollment, and attendance (ERSEA) strategies. Programs may need to modify their recruitment and selection activities. Changing demographics may require eligibility criteria to evolve (e.g., increased numbers of eligible families, changes to recruitment and service areas). Programs also need to consider how to deliver and adapt services in an informed manner as this situation unfolds, including remote or modified service delivery models. This tip sheet can help guide ERSEA planning and service delivery during times of transition.

Link for access: https://eclkc.ohs.acf.hhs.gov/publication/ersea-strategies-during-pandemic

Intended Audience: Data Planning & Quality Assurance

Title: Planning for Program-Wide Needs
Date/Time: Anytime

Content: There are a number of things Head Start programs can do while their communities are maintaining social distance. This section is regularly updated with the most relevant guidance and resources.

Intended Audience: Leadership
Leadership Strategies for ECE Directors that Motivate, Guide, and Engage ECE Teachers, with Susan MacDonald

SLIDES: https://www.earlychildhoodwebinars.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Slides_3-per-page_Leadership-Strategies-for-ECE-Directors-that-Motivate_10_29_2019.pdf

Time/Date: Anytime
Content: Welcome to Early Childhood Investigations, a webinar series produced by Engagement Strategies, LLC. This session is sponsored by Storypark. In this engaging webinar author and leadership expert Susan MacDonald will share key strategies that you, as a program leader, can use to inspire staff members to be fully committed to their own professional growth and development. The presentation will center around these fundamental questions:

• How do I motivate and inspire teachers to grow and develop?

• How can I infuse positive energy into my professional development work?

We will explore how a Growth Culture supports each individual's unique desire to reach their full potential. You will leave with new resources and templates to guide their ongoing work. Join this webinar to learn to:

-identify three key benefits of utilizing new tools and strategies to support teachers’ documentation and ongoing professional development

- develop concrete sustainable systems that support teachers’ professional growth, increase engagement, and build accountability.

Link for access:

Intended Audience: Leadership

Title: How Leaders Can Support Coaches
Date/Time: Anytime

Content: In this video, learn about resources and strategies to support coaches in their role. Hear about successes and challenges from the field. Find out how to use data to identify and plan professional development for coaches. Explore resources programs can use to support coaching implementation.

Link for access:

Intended Audience: Coaches
Title: Back to Basics: Revisiting Practice-Based Coaching Cycle

Time/Date: Anytime 

Content: Discover effective ways to help implement Practice-Based Coaching (PBC). In this session of the Coaching Corner series, explore the PBC cycle through the eyes of a coach. Learn how to plan for each PBC component and review common strengths and challenges that may arise during implementation.

Link for access: https://eclkc.ohs.acf.hhs.gov/video/back-basics-revisiting-practice-based-coaching-cycle