PD: Head Start Staff Training & Resources July 13, 2020 Release

Professional Development Staff Training and Resources –July 13, 2020


Intended Audience: ALL HEAD START STAFF
ASAP’s Top 10 Tips for Video Meeting Etiquette & Burnout Protection – Resource 

Date/Time: Anytime


Content: It’s easy to get meeting burnout when so many meetings have gone digital. From muting yourself to making sure your background is appropriate, this download will help you shine in video meetings.


Link for Access / Registration:


Audience: Education
Creativity and Play: Fostering Creativity

Time/Date: Anytime

Content: This resource discusses that Creativity is the freest form of self-expression. There is nothing thing more satisfying and fulfilling for children than to be able to express themselves open and without judgment. The ability to be creative, to create something from personal feelings and experiences, can reflect and nurture children's emotional health. The experiences children have during their first years of life can significantly enhance the development of their creativity.

Audience: Education
Positive Relationships—The Heart of All Teaching

Presenters: Kai-leé Berke, Vice Chair of the Board, Former CEO Teaching Strategies

& Breeyn Mack, Vice President, Educational Content Teaching Strategies

Time/Date: Anytime

Content: A caring classroom environment is one that above all else respects children as individuals and embraces their strengths, needs, and interests. Only when children know that they are safe, respected, and a key part of the classroom community, can teachers then support children to gain the confidence to discover, explore, and learn with joy. Using fidelity measures from The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool, this webinar will explore and reflect upon strategies for creating a positive classroom climate, where the messages in your interactions and learning environment convey a solid foundation of trust and mutual respect.

Intended Audience: Home School Educators
Structured, Child-Focused Home Visiting

Time/Date: Anytime

Content: Adults support learning when they plan experiences and are prepared to support a child's interests and discoveries. You and the family use observations, ongoing assessment, the curriculum, the ELOF, and the child's interests to plan learning opportunities for the visit and during the week. Learning opportunities that are planned and structured are more likely to have an effect. The visits are child-focused. It is inevitable that sometimes family members will want to talk about other events in their lives. That is part of having a relationship. When a parent is distracted by personal concerns or crises, you balance listening to the parent and honoring their choice to share concerns with you. It is important to deal with crisis situations while eventually bringing the focus back to the child. In addition to child development, you work with other program staff and community partners to coordinate such services as health, mental health, and oral health services for the family.

Intended Audience: Home School Educators
Promoting Scientific Thinking – Resource

Time/Date: Anytime

Content: Children are naturally curious and love to investigate things; that’s how they learn. Children make these discoveries through observations, forming ideas, and trying them out in new or different situations. This week's resource Promoting Scientific Thinking helps you learn more about supporting your child to be a little scientist.

Link for registration access: https://files.constantcontact.com/1eccf499301/59345d54-d860-4a58-8c09-bbf8a29cda72.pdf



Intended Audience: Health, Nutrition and Parent, Family & Community Engagement
Title: Title: Learning to Act Early: Milestone in Action – Resource

Date/Time: Anytime


Parents and Caregivers

Click on an age above to see photo and video examples of important developmental milestones.

·         Use this library as an aid in completing the milestone checklist for your child’s age.

·         Complete an interactive milestone checklist that features videos and images from this library with CDC’s new Milestone Tracker app.



No permissions are needed to use the photos and images in this library for educational or awareness-building purposes.

·         Embed and share photos and videos on your website and within presentations

·         Implement a training inspired by Promising Practices, using photos and videos as a support.

·         Use Milestones in Action  to support observations and conversations with parents on age-appropriate milestones

·         Share photos and videos on social media to build community awareness of developmental milestones

Intended Audience: Administrative
The Way We Work is Changing, Are You? Webinar for Administrative Professionals

Date/Time: July 16, 2020 from 10 -11:00 am PT

Content: Remote Work Creating Increased Value and Growth Potential for EAs.

With so many changes since the pandemic started and more assistants working from home or being furloughed, there is a lot of fear about the administrative role disappearing or the value of an assistant being diminished.

That is not how the thought leaders in the administrative industry see it. Joan Burge, the pioneer of the administrative training industry, and her colleagues around the world, see this as a prime opportunity for proving your worth and showing you can be an executive business partner.

In this thoughtful webinar, Leni Miller, President of EA Search (located in California), is going to give you the “magic bullet” for increased value and growth in the administrative role. Leni will touch on practices to provide great virtual assistance. 


Intended Audience: ERSEA, Intake & Technology

Title: Technology and Young Children: Preschoolers and Kindergartners - Resources

Date/Time: Anytime


Content: During the preschool years, young children are developing a sense of initiative and creativity. They are curious about the world around them and about learning. They are exploring their ability to create and communicate using a variety of media (crayons, felt-tip markers, paints and other art materials, blocks, dramatic play materials, miniature life figures) and through creative movement, singing, dancing, and using their bodies to represent ideas and experiences. Digital technologies provide one more outlet for them to demonstrate their creativity and learning


Link for access: https://www.naeyc.org/resources/topics/technology-and-media/preschoolers-and-kindergartners


PDF: https://www.naeyc.org/sites/default/files/globally-shared/downloads/PDFs/resources/topics/PS_technology_Examples.pdf


Article: Technology and Interactive Media as Tools in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth through Age 8

Link: https://issuu.com/naeyc/docs/ps_technology_issuu_may2012?mode=window&backgroundColor=%23222222

Intended Audience: Systems and Technology
 Ask the Experts: Online Project Management Series

Date/Time: Anytime

Content: AMA continues its thought leadership series, ask the Experts, with an exciting exploration of project management topics, including a special focus on managing projects virtually. In these free weekly webcasts, PM experts from our AMA faculty will address crucial skills and strategies to help you manage projects more effectively and adapt to the new realities of doing business. Link and Learn.

Intended Audience: Data, Planning, Quality Assurance and Coaching

Title: Using Coaching Data to Inform the Present and Plan for the Future

Date/Time: Anytime

Content: When you have finished up coaching for the year, it's time to reflect on the coaching data you've collected. Data for the year can help you support coaching implementation, identify successes, and plan for the future. In this video, learn about ways to use data to highlight current coaching progress and successes. Find out how data can inform planning and practice-based coaching (PBC) implementation for the upcoming year.

Intended Audience: Leadership
Title: Rebuild Your ECE Program for the New Normal: Part 1

Presenter: Business Practices, by Lauren Small, M.B.A

Date/Time: Anytime

Content: The COVID-19 crisis is challenging everything we know (or thought we knew) about the business of early care and education programs. The new reality is your program will be forced to reconsider ratios, pricing, and programming to survive. Now is the time for you to reinvent your organization’s business plan and implement strong foundational business practices. Join early education business consultant, Lauren Small, M.B.A for guidance on rebuilding your program and making it sustainable.

In this inspirational webinar which is the first in a two-part series aimed at helping you sharpen your focus on every element of your program’s business, you will learn:

  • Strategic planning for practicalities of the “new normal” for your business.
  • How changes in the economy will impact how families select care for their children.
  • How to modify your business practices to incorporate these changes into your business model.
  • Financial management and financial controls that are streamlined and readily available for data-driven decision making.

Link for access: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/7284864174707047950