PD: Head Start Staff Training & Resources June 1, 2020 Release

 Professional Development Staff Training and Resources – Week of June 1, 2020

Intended Audience: ALL HEAD START STAFF
Title: NHSA: The Data Analytics Playbook 
Date/Time: Anytime
Content: The Data Analytics Playbook is a collection of data visualizations used by your very own colleagues in Head Start. Have you ever said to yourself, “I wonder how others looked at their data about…”? Now, you don’t have to just wonder. Go to the Playbook and you’ll see examples of how others answered the same questions you have. Each example includes a picture of the data used, details of what you’re looking at, and a story of how the program used the information. The examples also include the technical details you need to be able to replicate the example using your own data.
Link for Access / Registration: https://www.nhsadataplaybook.org/

VIDEO: What Trauma Taught Me About Resilience BY Charles Hunt 
Date/Time: Anytime
Content: Resilience is one of the most important traits to have, is critical to their happiness and success, & can be learned. Adept at leveraging transparency to inspire and get results, this former College Recruiting, Talent Management, Diversity, and Supply Chain leader left the corporate world to fulfill his vision of building unbreakable spirits and cultivating resiliency for those who, like him, have The Audacity to Succeed. He helps students & young professionals build resilience, believe in bigger and greater for themselves, and create the educational, financial, and professional plans to get there. As the founder of The Audacity Firm, LLC, his firm provides professional & personal development programs, coaching, and events to equip clients with financial literacy/education, workforce readiness, professional development, and career planning tips, tools, and strategies to LIVE, DO, and BE BETTER.

Link for Access / Registration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qELiw_1Ddg

Title: Personal Branding: Uncovering and Delivering Your Brand Story
Time/Date: Anytime 
Content: Set yourself apart from the crowd by identifying your personal brand. APC 2019 emcee Robyn Hatcher will guide you on your journey towards uncovering your brand identity.

Link for Access / Registrationhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQD5cJ6dbIQ

Intended Audience: Education 
Title: The Characteristics of Intentional, Mature, Make-Believe Play
Time/Date: Anytime 
Content: When children engage in mature play, they develop greater self-regulation skills. In this webinar, learn the difference between immature and mature play and how they influence child development. See examples of mature play and explore ways teachers can engage children in the dramatic play area to foster the development of self-regulation.
Link for access/Registration: 

Title: Creating Trauma-Sensitive Classrooms
Time/Date: Anytime 

Content: NAEYC hosted a webinar on the topic “Creating Trauma-Sensitive Classrooms.” In the United States, the number of young children who have experienced a traumatic event in their lives is increasing. As early childhood educators, we are often the first responders for identifying individual needs and setting up strategies that lead to positive learning environments. This webinar identifies behavioral signs that children dealing with trauma may exhibit, as well as effective strategies that can be used to create trauma-sensitive classrooms. Presenters include: Barbara Sorrels, executive director of The Institute for Childhood Education and author of the award-winning book Reaching and Teaching Children Exposed to Trauma, and Katie Statman-Weils, an adjunct instructor at Portland State University who focuses on equity and guidance strategies that improve social and emotional development and self-regulation for all learners

Link for registration access: https://youtu.be/mjG3xNxtU1E

Title: Take the Sting out of Biting: The Administrator’s Role in Stopping Biting Before it Starts with Lisa Poelle
Date/Time: Anytime / Recorded Version 
Content: Have you and your teachers struggled to find successful ways to deal with young children who frequently hurt others by biting? YOU and your teachers may be part of the problem! Biting is often caused (and always solved) by adults. Learn to approach the issue like a detective to uncover the underlying reasons and create customized solutions for this ultra-challenging, yet all too common behavior. Children who frequently bite create severe stress for all the adults involved and can wreak havoc on the entire program and the families involved. No other type of childhood aggression engenders the same kind of reaction from adults. Parents of both the child who bites and the child who is bitten are frantic and desperate for a speedy solution. Early childhood educators are in the tough position of trying to balance the need to meet the needs of their clients (the parents) and the children’s confidentiality, health and safety. Unfortunately, young children are being expelled from programs for biting at an alarming rate, when in fact, the adults can make changes that could prevent biting before it even begins.

Intended Audience: Home School 
Title: GKi Newsletter Household Items Turned Toys
Date/Time: Anytime 
Content: Do you want to maximize the items you have on hand to support your child's physical, emotional, social and language skills? This week we are happy to share some ideas of household items you may already have lying around that can be used for a variety of functions. Take a look at Household Items Turned Toys for some fun ideas to try! 

Title: Goal Check-In
Date/Time: Anytime 
Content: As a best practice, it is important to check in on family goals at each visit to support goal success. Whether a family is progressing, experiencing challenges or disengaging from their goal, our Goal Check-In tool can help guide the conversation! It provides actions you can take and shares helpful conversation starters for each scenario. By communicating interest and partnership you are offering families’ ownership of their goals as you support them.

Intended Audience: FCP
Title: Voices From the Field: Culturally Responsive Family Engagement 

Presenter: Emily Roden, President, Ready Rosie

Date/Time: Jun 11, 2020 12:00 PM – ET
Content: Partnering with families has never been more critical. We’ve invited panelists to share tips for supporting families in culturally responsive ways during remote learning and beyond. Panelists will share stories and offer recommendations for leveraging families’ strengths to build relationships; using technology to communicate, create community, and collaborate; and exploring authenticity and ways to build on families’ own knowledge and strengths in family engagement. We’ll also share the commitment of Ready Rosie to cultural responsiveness and co-creation with families. 
Link for access: click here for access 

Intended Audience: Parent, Family & Community Engagement 

Title: Homelessness in the ECE System: Providing Education and Support for Child Care Professionals
Time/Date: AnytimeOhio Approved
Content: When children become homeless they lose their childhood. The opportunity to play and learn is greatly diminished, which negatively impacts a child’s health and developmental growth; developmental delays can occur. In this interactive module you will learn specific strategies to create learning/play areas, rituals, routines and schedules and addresses your role in meeting the unique needs of children who are homeless. Learn how to combat your compassion fatigue and provide support to families. You will also watch interviews from an Ohio ECE administrator that serves this population.

Intended Audience: Health & Nutrition
Title: Virtual Early Education Center (VEEC)
Date/Time: Anytime 
Content: The Virtual Early Education Center (VEEC) is an online tool for early care and education (ECE) programs, including Head Start, Early Head Start, and child care. It is designed to have the look and feel of an actual ECE center. Visitors can move from room to room within the VEEC to find information on health and safety practices and useful resources. Use it to explore resources and information regarding Head Start Program Performance Standards and Caring for Our Children (CFOC). Learn more about health-focused ECE and best practices.

Title: Two Part Webinar: Smarter Mealtimes for Early Childhood Education Settings
Time/Date: Anytime 
Part I: Introducing the Smarter Mealtimes Scorecard for Early Childhood Education Settings
Conent for Part I: The Smarter Lunchrooms Movement National Office is excited to introduce the Smarter Mealtimes Scorecard for early childhood settings. After working in school lunchrooms nationwide for nearly a decade and receiving many requests and questions about Smarter Lunchrooms application for daycare centers, Head Start, and homecare, we’re proud to share this versatile, easy-to-use tool that is adaptable to various early childhood education (ECE) environments. The Smarter Mealtimes Scorecard showcases 20 research-based strategies to encourage young children to try and consume healthy foods. Join the Smarter Lunchrooms National Office Curriculum 
Designer, Erin Sharp, MS, MAT, and Smarter Mealtimes Program Coordinator, Heather Hodson for an overview of the purpose, audience, and development of the tool. They will also highlight select strategies and share supplemental tools—both current and forthcoming.
Part II: The 20 Strategies of the Smarter Mealtimes Scorecard
Content for Part II: This webinar will run directly after the previous webinar. In it, Erin and Heather will review each of the 20 strategies, with tips for applying each strategy in a variety of ECE settings. The webinar will also provide best practices for administering the Scorecard, whether in a large childcare center with many staff members on hand or in a home with only one caretaker present. This webinar can be used as an ECE training tool. NOTE: If you joined Part I, do not disconnect to attend part II. Simply stay in the webinar room until Erin and Heather begin.

Intended Audience: Administrative
Title: Assertive Communication Techniques
Date/Time: Anytime 
Content: Focus of the quick webinar session present the importance of being able to express yourself without being seen as aggressive. It is about standing up without violating the rights and needs of others. Giving careful consideration of voice tone and dismissive approaches. It is about being confident, polite, honest, and empathetic; however say what you mean and want.  It is important that you don’t say yes to something that you’re not able to do. How to position yourself I vital to how you are received. Remember that it is vital you pause and reflect when engaged in conversation, never rush.

Intended Audience: ERSEA, Intake & Technology 

Title: Sharing Data Seamlessly Across Microsoft Office Programs
Date/Time: Anytime 
Content: You may have noticed that Microsoft Office programs don't always play nicely together. Don't let your precious data get lost! Marie Herman guides you on how to share data across Microsoft programs like Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote without losing information - or your sanity.

Intended Audience: Data, Planning & Quality Assurance 
Title: Self-Assessment: Your Annual Journey
Date/Time: Anytime 
Content: This learning module takes you on a road trip with the Moving Forward Head Start program. It explores a nine-phase process of planning and executing Head Start's required annual self-assessment.

Self-Assessment: Your Annual Journey is a self-directed, interactive training module. It leads participants through the process of planning and executing an annual Head Start program self-assessment. Go with the Moving Forward Head Start program through the transition from ongoing monitoring to self-assessment, and end with a move back into the program planning cycle. Along the way, you'll practice each key aspect of self-assessment in the phases below.
Link for access:

Intended Audience: Leadership 

Title: Developing a Successful Women’s Leadership Initiative in Your Organization
Date/Time: July 15, 2020 | 12:00 – 1:00 pm 
Content: What does your senior leadership team look like? Do you need a focused effort to promote more women into these roles? With the rising need to create a workplace culture of diversity, inclusion, and belonging, it is vital to provide the tools, resources, and space for women to prepare for advancement. Discover how to identify the organizational business need for a program that fosters leadership skills and growth opportunities to make a lasting change on the participants and your company’s future. 
Link for access: click here for access.

Intended Audience: Leadership, Coaches, and Mentor, Teachers. 
Title: 2020 Virtual Education Manager Institute
Date/Time: Wednesday, June 24, 2020 | 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. ET
Content: The 2020 Education Manager Institute is going virtual! By moving to an online format, participants can safely access professional development targeted to their role as Head Start educational leaders. The Institute will support education managers as they work with staff, children, and families from a distance and in the classroom. It will primarily focus on priorities and needs related to resuming Head Start and Early Head Start services. Sessions will also include considerations for summer programming and supporting school readiness for all children. The Institute will be resource-rich, with many engaging opportunities to explore content and resources from the Office of Head Start National Centers.