Cincinnati Public Schools

Cincinnati Public Schools is committed to providing a quality Early Childhood program for 3 & 4 year old students in our school district. 

The Department of Early Childhood Education offers an array of educational settings for preschool-aged children to help ensure that all children who enter kindergarten are prepared and ready to learn. 

All classrooms are taught by highly qualified licensed teachers who have specialized training in early childhood development. Classroom curriculum is based upon the 'Ohio Early Learning Content Standards'.

Children who attend preschool gain new skills, make friends and have a variety of enriching experiences. CPS' Early Childhood Education (ECE) program recognizes that all children can learn, mainly through playful interactions with materials and people. The learning environment encourages creative exploration with a balance of child- and adult-initiated, age-appropriate activities. The program also recognizes the home and community as valuable resources.

Preschool helps children:

  • Prepare for school and classroom activities
  • Learn to count
  • Listen and explore
  • Learn to get along with others
  • Plan ahead
  • Use new words
  • Care for themselves and belongings
  • Express themselves
  • Care for living things
  • Learn to play fair
  • Notice differences
  • Think of others
  • Protect themselves