2019/2020 Policy Council Election Results

On Saturday December 7, 2019, Verline Dotson, who served as VP of Early Childhood Development for Community Action Agency - Cincinnati | Hamilton County (CAA) for the past 26 years, and Renee Daniel, the current VP of Early Childhood Education at CAA, facilitated the 2019/2020 Head Start Policy Council New Member Orientation. At this orientation the election of new officers took place and the results are below.  

  Chanel Wood (LLC)

  Danielle Ross (Home School)

  Antwanette O’Neal (Discovering Minds Learning Center)

  Freida Dumas – (Community Rep)

Parliamentarian will be decided at the 1st meeting in January 2020

OHSAI Representatives
  Chanel Wood (LLC)
  Annetta Waters (UC Arlitt)

About Policy Council

Each Head Start agency is required to establish and maintain a policy council responsible for the direction of the Head Start program. Policy council are members elected from and by parents with children currently enrolled in the Head Start program. Members serve for one year until new elections are held the following year.

Policy Council members have a meaningful voice in the overall operation of the Head Start program. The membership is responsible for:
  • Approval of program design
  • Grant approvals
  • Approval of the program budget
  • Advice on budget issues
  • Approve and update program Written Plans
  • Approval of hiring and separations
  • Participation on hiring teams
  • Public relations