Parents On Point Is Here!

Parents come together with other parents to discuss and learn skills and techniques for raising young children.
  • A FREE program for parents / guardians of children ages 2-5 enrolled in Head Start
  • One day a week for 12 weeks
  • FREE Meals & Childcare
  • Uses the Chicago Parenting Parent (CPP) Program 
  • Building connections to raise super kids!

For more information and to sign-up for Parents on Point, please fill out a sign-up form at your child's Head Start site, or Contact Deborah Bachman: (513) 924-2010,

Parents on Point is a community-based support group for caregivers of children ages 2-5 and was created to empower and support participants in raising healthy and happy young children. 

The program brings caregivers in the community together to build connections, share ideas, and help each other problem solve common parenting dilemmas. 

It supports families’ ability to nurture and promote optimal emotional and behavioral development of their children by building upon parents’ skills and increasing their confidence as caregivers. Furthermore, it promotes positive parent and child relationships and interactions.

The Chicago Parent Program (CPP) strengthens parenting confidence and skills and reduces behavior problems in children 2-5 years old. Designed in collaboration with an advisory board of African American and Latino parents raising young children in low-income neighborhoods, CPP addresses a gap in the availability of evidence-based parenting programs that specifically address the needs of this population of families.

CPP is implemented in 12 two-hour group sessions facilitated by two trained group leaders. CPP uses video vignettes depicting parent-child interactions at home and in public (e.g., grocery stores, Laundromats, etc.) to stimulate discussion and problem solving related to managing children’s behavior in challenging situations. Parents are guided in clarifying their goals and tailoring strategies to help meet their goals. In this way, the CPP is designed to be culturally and contextually relevant for a diverse population of families.

Sessions focus on building positive relationships with children (e.g., child-centered time, family routines and traditions, praise and encouragement), child behavior management skills (setting clear expectations, following through with consequences, effective discipline strategies), stress management, and problem-solving skills. Following each session, parents complete practice assignments to help them apply the skills they are learning.