2019 Head Start Going Forth Celebrations

We Salute the Head Start graduating children at the Life Learning Center and Theodore M. Berry Family Children & Learning Center. Kindergarten, here you come!

Decades of research shows that participation in Head Start has both short- and long-term positive effects for Head Start children and their families. Children who attend Head Start demonstrate marked academic and social progress, and are more likely to enter kindergarten ready to learn. 


Get ready, Get set!
Here I go!
I'm ready to show you all that I know!
I've graduated Preschool and now I'm done.
I've laughed and learned,
It's been lots of fun!
Kindergarten, Kindergarten
Ready, set, go.
I'm ready to show you all that I know!
Get ready Kindergarten,
Because I'm on my way.
I've graduated Preschool, HIP-HIP-HOORAY!!