Deaconess Mobile Health Care Unit Coming to the Price Hill Salvation Army

"We’re here for you whether you have insurance or not. No money needed."

The Deaconess Foundation is offering primary health care on wheels when it's Mobile Health Care Van brings its services to the Price Hill Salvation Army on four separate occasions in the spring of 2019.

Access to comprehensive, quality health care is critical for maintaining health, preventing and managing disease, reducing unnecessary disability, and achieving health equity. Primary healthcare access also greatly reduces costly emergency room visits and inpatient care due to delaying treatment and a lack of preventative care.

For those who have little to no access to medical care other than the hospital emergency rooms, which increases cost of care throughout the community and stress an already burdened system, the Deaconess Health Check Mobile Healthcare Van is providing essential services.

The van makes regularly scheduled visits to area agencies, including Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, and the Freestore Foodbank, to provide primary care services. The van is staffed by a nurse practitioner and medical assistants. [Source]

ON-SITE CONTACT: Tabitha Colbert

WHERE:  The Salvation Army Price Hill

                   3503 Warsaw Avenue
                   Cincinnati, OH 45205

  WHEN:   Friday, March 8

                   Friday, March 29
                   Friday, April 12
                   Friday, May 10

    TIME:   9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

  Services Provided Include:

    • Physicals
    • Well Care Family Medicine
    • Preventative Screenings (Diabetes, Vision, Blood Pressure, etc.)
    • Acute Illness and Injury
    • Ultrasound
    • Lab Draws

  Contact Deaconess: (513) 289-3704 or

Who is Deaconess?

The Deaconess legacy is one of compassionate care in the Christian tradition that has enhanced Greater Cincinnati’s health and well-being through hospital and specialty healthcare services since 1888.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, today Deaconess is an independent, diversified, not-for-profit enterprise managing a $600+ million portfolio of health services, programs, investments and community grant initiatives in Greater Cincinnati and across the country.

Deaconess searches for new ways to improve people’s health while lowering costs through new delivery models and consumer education. They believe that today’s healthcare yields the best outcomes by facilitating access to care, encouraging prevention, and supporting wellness initiatives. Our investments and programs reflect this philosophy.

Their business success also enables them to provide financial support to a wide range of community health programs.  Deaconess’ social investments serve people who are vulnerable to health related problems and need community support to meet basic healthcare needs.   We respond to causes that focus on at-risk youth, the homeless, the addicted, the elderly, and other populations who require community support to improve their quality of life. [Source]

The History of Deaconess

In 1888, the Cincinnati community started a “sick house” staffed by Methodist deaconesses who traveled from Germany to answer the local Evangelical Protestant Society’s call to care for the sick.  Deaconess Hospital was the first “general” hospital in the city and also operated the city’s first training school for nurses.  In 1902, a new facility was built on Straight Street.

Throughout the 20th century, Deaconess expanded its campus and services to accommodate the changing science and technology of healthcare.  In 2011, the progression of healthcare toward prevention, wellness and outpatient care prompted Deaconess to transition from an inpatient delivery model to one that caters to the diverse needs of today’s fastest-growing populations – providing care that is more accessible and cost effective.  Today Deaconess’ Senior Services’ division offers residential and nursing care within five communities in Ohio and Kansas.  Its Home Care division delivers medical and rehabilitative care to orthopaedic surgery patients and assistance with daily living to homebound patients.

Deaconess is equally active as “social investor” through the Deaconess Foundation.  Recognizing that other community providers are well qualified to satisfy specific healthcare needs in a specific community, the Deaconess Foundation provides financial support to those providers, particularly those which focus on the underserved and at-risk members of the community.  Since 2012, Deaconess has awarded over $10 million to a variety of community organizations that cater to vulnerable youth, the homeless, the addicted, the elderly, and other populations who are in need of a stabilizing support system.

In 1888, Deaconess introduced its Christian-based healthcare mission to Cincinnati.  After 125+ years, the organization’s passion and commitment to that mission has not wavered. [source]