Councilman Greg Landsman visits Head Start for National Reading Month

Cincinnati City Councilman Greg Landsman reads to a CAA Head Start classroom

Celebrating National Reading Month

Recycling with preschoolers is a simple way to teach them about taking care of their environment. That’s why Head Starts theme this month is Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. 

On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, Cincinnati City Councilman Greg Landsman, a former teacher himself, stopped in to the  Life Learning Center read “Max Goes to the Recycling Center” to an inquisitive CAA Head Start class. 

"Max Goes to the Recycling Center" by Adria F Klein  (Author) & Mernie Gallagher-Cole (Illustrator) tells the story of Max visiting a recycling center to learn what types of things can be recycled and why recycling is so important.

Landsman spearheaded the successful Cincinnati Preschool Promise, which will provide two years of quality preschool in Cincinnati. This “first-in-the-nation” investment passed in November 2016 with the largest margin of victory in the history of school levies in Cincinnati.

Landsman also created Every Child Capital, a philanthropic venture fund that hopes to revolutionize philanthropy by investing in high impact programs that are able to attract sustainable public funding. This fund now provides a book a month to every economically disadvantaged child in Cincinnati, for the first five years of their lives, and is poised to significantly expand the number of first-time mothers who get the support they need in their child’s first 1,000 days. Landsman currently serves as Senior Advisor to the fund.[Source]

Thank you for visiting Councilman Landsman, we hope to see you again!