5 Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips for Children:

1. Wear light colors.
Make sure your child’s costumes contain light colors. Avoid as much black or brown as possible. These dark colors easily get lost in the night; whereas light colors act as reflectors.
2. Buy stick-on reflectors.
You can find stick-on reflectors at your local dollar store for as little as a buck. Tag them onto your child’s clothing in both the front and back, so cars will be able to see your child in the dark and avoid accidents.
3. Visit only homes in your neighborhood.
While it is fun to collect a huge stockpile, stick to homes in your own neighborhood. This way you are only visiting people you know and are comfortable with, and people who know your children. Avoid neighborhoods that you do not live in or do not know someone who does.
4. Encourage kids to buddy up.
Pair up children when trick or treating so no one is alone at any time. All children should have an adult when trick or treating to supervise, even in a neighborhood they are familiar with. Instruct each child to never separate from their buddy.
5. Examine all candy.
Before your child eats anything from their bag, be sure to examine it all. This means making sure no packaging has been opened or has expired, and all appears to be untouched. Any item in question needs to be thrown away at once.