The Head Start Parent Committee provides all parents with a broad range of opportunities to participate in the shared decision-making process.
Parent Committee Members:

All parents who have children enrolled in Head Start are automatically members of Center Committee. Parents are to use this time to discuss and give input into educational activities/curriculum planning and menu planning. Parents also use this time to arrange projects and plan activities to help their children and families.

Parent Committee Responsibilities:

As a member of the committee you have the power to:

q  Assist staff in developing and implementing age appropriate activities at your child’s site.

q  Participate in the planning of the menu at your child’s site.

q  Plan, conduct, and participate in informal as well as formal programs and activities for parents and staff.

Parent Committee meetings:
Your parent committee will meet the first full week of every month.  The committee members will determine the day and time of the meeting. 

Childcare and a light meal are also provided for all parent meetings.