To ensure parent and families have daily and ongoing opportunities to engage in every aspect of the Head Start program ongoing parent engagement and education opportunities are available throughout the program year. Below are a few examples.

v  Regular, ongoing Interactions with HS Staff: Relationships with parents are the foundation for effective parent engagement. Partnerships with families occur over time and allow trust to build over time

v  Program Volunteering and Employment Opportunities: Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the program whenever they are interested and available – and encouraged to apply for job openings for which they are qualified.

v  Parent Workshops and Center Committee Meetings: All parents of children enrolled in the Early Head Start program are members of the Parent Committee and are encouraged to participate actively in meetings and group activities.

v  Policy Council and Health Services Advisory Committee: Parents participate in the governance and guidance of the program the Policy Council, and the Health Services Advisory Committee. In these leadership roles, parents shape program operations and policies for the EHS/HS program.

v  Community Needs Assessment, and Self Assessment: Parents participate in annual program Self Assessment by serving on committees.Parents participate in Annual Community Needs Assessment and have opportunity to interact with community partners.

v  Curriculum and Approach to Child Development: During home visits and parent-teacher conferences, parents provide input into how the curriculum should be individualized to meet their child’s needs. Parent feedback is always encouraged. 
v  Nutritional Services: To ensure our meals are reflective of the cultural makeup of the children and families we serve, we seek input on foods from a variety of cultures. Parent input on the monthly menu is encouraged