Head Start staff is not only busy teaching in the classrooms, they are also making sure that thousands of Hamilton County preschoolers get health checkups.  Dental exams, hearing, vision and blood pressure screenings and height and weight measurements are all part of each child’s experience. Most of these checks are completed by mid-October.

“We take a holistic approach to every child, we believe that a healthy child is ready to learn,” said Head Start Nutritionist Nikki Underwood. “If we find any concerns we do further evaluations, or assist the family in getting referrals for more services or to make doctor appointments.”

More than 3,000 children will get Head Start health screenings this year. It is one of the many advantages to the program that all parents appreciate. Often these checks save parents a costly trip to the doctor’s office. The hope is that this focus on good health will encourage and empower parents to get these checks for children on their own, but Head Start is there to help regardless.

Head Start is still accepting applications for enrollment. If you know of a family with a preschool-age child who may qualify, urge them to call the Head Start Enrollment line at 569-4510.