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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Head Start staff is not only busy teaching in the classrooms, they are also making sure that thousands of Hamilton County preschoolers get health checkups.  Dental exams, hearing, vision and blood pressure screenings and height and weight measurements are all part of each child’s experience. Most of these checks are completed by mid-October.

“We take a holistic approach to every child, we believe that a healthy child is ready to learn,” said Head Start Nutritionist Nikki Underwood. “If we find any concerns we do further evaluations, or assist the family in getting referrals for more services or to make doctor appointments.”

More than 3,000 children will get Head Start health screenings this year. It is one of the many advantages to the program that all parents appreciate. Often these checks save parents a costly trip to the doctor’s office. The hope is that this focus on good health will encourage and empower parents to get these checks for children on their own, but Head Start is there to help regardless.

Head Start is still accepting applications for enrollment. If you know of a family with a preschool-age child who may qualify, urge them to call the Head Start Enrollment line at 569-4510.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


A family partnership agreement is not just a form that you fill out. It is the process through which staff support families in Head Start. Thus, it is an interactive experience that happens over time and can include many different types of interactions. This process is not a one-time event. There are many types of interactions that can be a part of the process, such as:
Helping families identify and reach their goals; identify and use their strengths and resources; and advocate for their children.
Offering opportunities for family members to enhance their skills or build new ones;
Providing access to community resources, and emergency or crisis assistance when needed and supporting any pre-existing family plans.
See Family Service Staff for more information!


Please bring your family out to the Read On! Family Symposium
Saturday, October 5, 2013
9:00 a.m.- 11:30 a.m.
Hamilton County Public Library
800 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH
Reading & play groups/ Family activities/ Snacks/Music & More

Thursday, September 5, 2013


The Head Start Parent Committee provides all parents with a broad range of opportunities to participate in the shared decision-making process.
Parent Committee Members:

All parents who have children enrolled in Head Start are automatically members of Center Committee. Parents are to use this time to discuss and give input into educational activities/curriculum planning and menu planning. Parents also use this time to arrange projects and plan activities to help their children and families.

Parent Committee Responsibilities:

As a member of the committee you have the power to:

q  Assist staff in developing and implementing age appropriate activities at your child’s site.

q  Participate in the planning of the menu at your child’s site.

q  Plan, conduct, and participate in informal as well as formal programs and activities for parents and staff.

Parent Committee meetings:
Your parent committee will meet the first full week of every month.  The committee members will determine the day and time of the meeting. 

Childcare and a light meal are also provided for all parent meetings. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


 To ensure parent and families have daily and ongoing opportunities to engage in every aspect of the Head Start program ongoing parent engagement and education opportunities are available throughout the program year. Below are a few examples.

v  Regular, ongoing Interactions with HS Staff: Relationships with parents are the foundation for effective parent engagement. Partnerships with families occur over time and allow trust to build over time

v  Program Volunteering and Employment Opportunities: Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the program whenever they are interested and available – and encouraged to apply for job openings for which they are qualified.

v  Parent Workshops and Center Committee Meetings: All parents of children enrolled in the Early Head Start program are members of the Parent Committee and are encouraged to participate actively in meetings and group activities.

v  Policy Council and Health Services Advisory Committee: Parents participate in the governance and guidance of the program the Policy Council, and the Health Services Advisory Committee. In these leadership roles, parents shape program operations and policies for the EHS/HS program.


Family well-being, which includes healthy, safe families with increased financial security

Parent-child relationships, which includes warm, nurturing interactions and relationships

Families as life-long educators, which includes development-centered parenting, observing, guiding, promoting and participating in everyday learning of their children at home, school and in community

Families as learners, which includes families advancing in their own learning  interests through education, training and other experiences that support their parenting, career, and life goals

Family engagement in transitions, which includes supporting and advocating for their child’s development as they transition to new learning environments within the EHS, HS or community program and into kindergarten through elementary school

Family connection to peers and community, as parents and families form connections with peers and mentors in formal and informal social networks that are supportive and/or educational and that enhance social well-being and community life

Families as advocates and learners, as they participate in leadership development, decision-making, program policy development, and community and state organizing activities to improve children’s development and learning experience