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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


What is transition?
Transition is adjusting to change. As things change in our lives, we also have to change. Adults and children have different ways of dealing with transition. The transition from home to school takes time and is different for each child and parent. It is just as difficult for parents to separate from their child as it is for a child to be away from his/her parents.

What can parents do to help?

·         Talk with your child about what will be happening

·         Sharing what you know about your child

·         Working with your child at home

·         Communication regularly with staff

·         Staying involved in the program

·         Networking with other parents

·         Speaking out and acting for all children

Why is transition an important issue for staff and parents?

Transition addresses all the changes that occur as a child moves from one setting to another-from home to a program, within a program, or between programs. It is a process that involves children, families, staff, and organizations.

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